Gel Blaster vs. Airsoft: Differences, Similarities, Features, & Which is Better

Everyone is talking about the two most prominent choices for toy guns: Gel Blaster and Airsoft. It's a serious decision that you need to make wisely for the success of your upcoming shooting game. Today you are in massive luck because this article gives you an in-depth side-by-side analysis of the mighty Gel Blaster and the unbeatable Airsoft gun.

We will help you understand which one you should go for and which will best serve you in your shooting games. Their safety concerns use and a lot more because despite considerable similarities, both guns have unique characteristics that game enthusiasts need to consider before purchasing.

So, let's start this biggest face-off between Gel Blaster vs Airsoft with a quick overview.

Gel Blaster vs. Airsoft: Overview of Differences

Differences Gel Blaster Airsoft
Functional Features The balls are 7mm and weigh 0.2g. The projectiles they shoot are 6–8 mm (0.24–0.31 in). Airsoft bbs are 6mm and weigh 0.2g.
Power Gel blasters can shoot at 250-280 FPS. Airsoft rifles 300-400 FPS
Airsoft slippers 500-600 FPS
Type of Ammunition It uses gel balls that are a super-absorbent polymer called sodium polyacrylate. It uses plastic balls called bbs.
Uses It is famous for indoor and outdoor leisure, sports, and recreation. It is used in the safe basic and advanced shooting, police and military training, and as props in filmmaking.
Suitable age Suitable for 12 years and more. Suitable for 18 years and more.
Suitable areas New Zealand, South Africa, the United States, Malaysia, and states like Queensland and South Australia allow using gel blasters. The laws of every state and country vary for airsoft guns.
Safety Do not cause any bruise or injury when hit on the skin. However, eye protection is a must for gel blasters. It can penetrate exposed skin and cause injury and bruises. A proper protection gear suit is a must.
 Price and Additional Costs It costs $150, with gel balls costing $10 for 10,000 pieces. It costs around $200-300 with $10 for 2000 airsoft bbs.

Now read on, and let's get to the exciting part:

Part 1: Gel Blaster: A Brief Introduction

Ferventoys Gel Blaster

Gel Blasters, also known as Gel Guns, are real-life toy guns that shoot super absorbent water polymer beads. It is similar to a paintball gun but minus all the mess and irritation of scraping off the paint later. They are designed to look like firearms but promise endless fun and excitement.

The primary cause of their popularity is their non-toxic, biodegradable pellets that break down because of their high water content. You have to soak the gel beads in water for an hour or more, and voila, you will get the 7-8mm big balls ready to shoot at your enemies.

It's an activity enjoyed by everyone from youngsters to adults. If you are also worried about giving your kids a healthy activity this weekend, then gel blaster is the perfect activity you need to try.

Part 2: Airsoft: A Brief Introduction

Airsoft gun

Airsoft guns are realistic-looking toy guns usually used in military-style sports. The different models and types of airsoft guns are pretty attractive, from spring models to gas and automatic electric guns (AEGs). You can use the smaller secondary ones for the tight corners and massive weapons to lay siege to any army. Use the spring ones if you are starting in the field.

The airsoft uses 6mm plastic BBs, but the ammunition may differ in different models of airsoft guns. Thanks to their extreme resemblance to real guns, they are used in competitive gameplays such as target shooting and skirmishing and as a prop in movies.

Part 3: Gel Blaster vs. Airsoft: The Similarities

The most noteworthy similarities between Gel Blaster and Airsoft are their similar product design and working principle. They include

Product Design

The general design of the airsoft gun and gel blaster is quite identical. Both have a coil-spring loaded piston air pump with a T-shaped piece in front of the pump outlet to shoot respective pellets. The piston can be cocked manually like a spring-piston or automatic electric gun (AEG) using an electric motor gearbox that functions on batteries.

Working Principle

The airsoft and gel blasters have a similar pressure output that employs compressed air to shoot pellets. In the inner barrel, hop-up chamber/ unit, and hop-up rubber, a pellet is pre-loaded, and when the user pulls the trigger, the gun will release a little pressure to allow the bullet to fire through the gun chamber.

The pellet passes the nub of the hop-up rubber and accelerates in the inner barrel. A backspin causes a phenomenon called the Magnus effect, and the pellet will leave the inner barrel. The Magnus effect allows the shot to travel against gravity and reach its target.

Part 4: Gel Blaster vs. Airsoft: The Differences

1. Functional Features

Gel blasters and airsoft come with a space for some attachments and accessories for a better user experience. For gel guns, you can add an accessories rack with a foregrip silencer and a magazine adaptor head; a two-in-one adaptor on the bullet supply battery mounted on the fake laser helps you target accurately. With additional supplies, you can experience better shooting speed and distance easily.

For airsoft, some accessories go best with the M4 platform and some with the AK platform, Glocks, etc. You can start with tracers or a flashlight for dark passages and winter nights. Slings, tactical holsters, and optics are just some additional supplies that can make your game more convenient.

2. Power

The airsoft rifles can reach about 300-400 FPS, and the airsoft snippers can shoot with an astonishing power of 500-600 FPS. Whereas gel blasters can shoot with 250-280 FPS only, with additional upgrades, you can shoot over 400 FPS.

The limit for airsoft and gel blaster fields is 350 FPS for CQB to avoid injuries and damages.

3. Type of Ammunition

Gel blasters use gel balls to shoot their targets. They are less messy and adventure-filled but need to be soaked exceptionally well. The gel balls' zero-mess quality allows you to have intense battles at home or garden as well.

All in all. Learning how to use the gel ball safely and adequately will allow you to experience more fun with the gel gblaster in battle.

Whereas airsoft guns use plastic pellets called bbs that hit harder than gel balls; therefore not recommended for child’s play or playing without proper equipment.

4. Uses

The airsoft guns allow for safe basic and advanced training, including weapon manipulation drills, muscle memory training, stress inoculation, and force-on-force simulations. There are a lot of clubs, teams, and athletic associations that conduct airsoft events. On the other hand, airsoft is also used by police and military training and in filmmaking as props.

However, gel blasters are life-like toy guns used more for indoor and outdoor leisure, sports, and recreation purpose. Using it doesn't require any permit or approval from the state. They are more similar to the paintball gun, making them more popular with paintball skirmish and laser tag activities.

5. Suitable age

Gel blasters are considered safer for kids as compared to airsoft guns. The manufacturers generally state that their products are safe for children aged 12 and over. But make sure to buy an age-appropriate gel blaster for your kids that are safe to use and analyze the relevant guidelines of the product.

However, airsoft guns are subject to state and federal laws and regulations. Some states restrict people below 18 from buying and owning airsoft guns because of their close resemblance to real firearms.

6. Suitable for the country

There are numerous legal issues related to airsoft guns that make people look for alternative gel blasters. Countries like North Korea, Yemen, Syria, Honduras, Singapore, and Turkmenistan, have banned airsoft usage.

The laws in the United States regarding airsoft guns vary based on your state. Some states prohibit minors from buying and owning airsoft guns, and even merchants are restricted not to sell airsoft guns to children. Otherwise, severe penalties will be imposed.

However, no such restrictions or rules are imposed in the United States for gel blasters. You can freely own the most fabulous gel blaster in town and have a friendly battle with your mates.

7. Safety

Despite the same size and functioning of both guns, their safety concerns differ. The airsoft bbs are much more potent than gel balls of gel blasters. The hard plastic of airsoft is enough to break teeth and leave a mark wherever they hit. On the contrary, gell balls are just water with minimum to no dangers of causing bruises or welts.

Therefore, eye protection is enough for gel blasters; but you will need a full protective suit to avoid unexpected injuries from airsoft guns.

8. Price and Additional Costs

A high-quality airsoft gun costs around $150-200, whereas a high-quality gel blaster costs about $150. Both guns are available at a cheaper rate, but then the quality will be disappointing. You can go for the consistently superior quality of guns that cost over $400 for better performance, power, and accuracy, but it won't be necessary for beginners.

The airsoft gear suit will cost you an additional $200 -300, which is not required with gel blasters. The airsoft bbs cost $10 for 2000 pieces, and gel blaster balls cost $10 for 10,000 pieces.

Part 5: Gel Blaster vs. Airsoft: Which Is The Best Choice?

Gel blasters and airsoft guns are hailed for their distinctive style and unique gun-handling experiences. Where airsoft promises the closest experience of a real-life gun, a gel blaster is preferred for its safe and environmentally friendly characteristics.

Airsoft guns are usually suitable for military-style simulation and advanced competitions where greater force and precise target shooting are required. They ensure a realistic gaming experience, but it sometimes becomes a matter of concern when the toy gun cannot be differentiated from the real guns.

The bright orange part that differentiates it from a real gun is often reported to break, which makes its identification even more difficult.

However, gel blasters offer a safe yet fun-filled shooting experience. Its water gel balls are safe even when exposed to bare skin. With protective eye gear and clothing, you and your children can play with these guns safely. They do not have the mighty force power of airsoft which is usually not required for a fun activity with friends and family.

Key Tips to Keep In Mind When Choosing Gel Blaster or Airsoft

Whether you choose to purchase Gel Blaster or Airsoft, keeping the following super tips in mind will help ensure you choose the best toy gun:

  • Clearly define what you want:

Firstly analyze the need for buying the toy gun. If you plan to participate in a shooting competition or similar activities, you will need an airsoft gun's assistance, but for a friendly fight with your friends, a gel blaster should be your first choice.

Therefore it's best to analyze your option and see which one matches your need.

  • Don’t overlook product descriptions:

Once you have decided upon a product, go through the product description. Product description will help understand the material and quality of the product. You don't need to invest in something that won't serve you a good time.

Reading a detailed description will allow you to understand the longevity of the product and the type of accessories the product comes with.

  • Read product descriptions and reviews carefully: Safety

Depending on product description only is not a wise option. Go through the reviews posted by customers on the online platform. Reading online reviews will help you analyze whether the product is worth your investment.

You can check out an exciting range of gel blasters at Ferventoys for quality toys.

  • Quality above everything:

While shopping for a gel blaster or airsoft, check for the quality of the product you are going to purchase. Initially, it might not seem important, but in the long run, you need something that won't break down during the intense playing session.

A well-built gun will shoot harder, last longer, and perform better than cheaper guns.

  • Regulatory compliance: Country / Region

Before making a purchase, check the regulatory compliance of your state or region. The laws related to airsoft and gel blaster differ in all countries, even among the states. Therefore it's best to check before adding a product to your cart.

  • Consider MOQs:

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQs) differ with suppliers and retailers. Some suppliers deal in bulk orders, while others have a minimum product order limit. If you are looking for a bulk purchase, confirm it with your supplier because you don't want to experience inconvenience after finalizing the purchase.

  • Ask about promotional offers:

A lot of suppliers offer seasonal discounts and promotional offers. Such offers allow you to get a quality product at an incredible price range. Confirm with the seller if you can't find any promotional offers on their website. Sometimes such offers can be free shipment charges, buy 2 get one free offer, sales discounts, etc.


There is no right or wrong answer when choosing between a gel gun and an air gun.

Much depends on your specific needs and goals as an online buyer.

If you want to enjoy outdoor shooting game activities with friends or family and are a shooting enthusiast, then a gel blaster is a perfect choice.

However, if you use them for military training and advanced competition, airsoft guns may be better.

We hope this article has helped you better understand the pros and cons so you can make a better decision, but if not, please don't hesitate to contact us!


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